Cataract Outsourcing Services

Surgery Equipment

Partners within Accusite's network have the advantage of our shared equipment model allowing them access to state-of-the-art equipment needed for both traditional and femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery without the substantial capital expenditure or ownership.

Inventory Supplies

In partnership with Accusite, we provide inventory supplies including: instrumentation, intraocular lenses, BSS, viscoelastics, disposables, custom eye packs and other surgical supplies. This eliminates our partner’s needs to purchase and maintain inventory and allows us to provide exactly what’s needed, eliminating waste from expired and unused supplies.

Certified Medical Professionals (RNs and CSTs)

In addition to providing access to market leading technologies, our partners receive assistance from our certified medical professionals trained in ophthalmology. Our medical staff is trained in equipment set up and operation as well as ophthalmic surgical procedures. We feel patient care and physician satisfaction are elevated with the consistency of trained staff while reducing the facility cost of maintaining ophthalmic staff.

Maintenance and Repairs

Our partners are free of the expenses associated with maintaining surgical equipment. We take care of all preventative maintenance, upgrades and repairs of our equipment so that you avoid any unexpected costs or equipment downtime.

Patient Education Resources

Being able to provide your patients with the most relevant, up to date materials regarding cataract surgery is key. Accusite assists in access to these resources for our network practices.

Find Out More

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